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Pangaea – Whole Land

Looking at a globe reveals coincidences that are difficult to ignore. The Eastern coast of South America seams to fit perfectly, almost like a puzzle, into the Western coast of Africa. At the same time, North America can be rotated slightly, and made to fit comfortably next to Europe, and Asia.

These clues have lead geologists and other scientists to examine the relationships of other clues. Ancient fossil records show that the same plants and animals lived along the Eastern coast of South America, as did along the Western coast of Africa, as did other plants and animals along the coasts of North America and Europe.

With this over whelming evidence, it became clear that at some point many millions of years ago, these continents must have in fact been connected.

The continents formed a super continent known as Pangaea


Scientists now believe that about 250 million years ago, a supercontinent known as Pangaea existed. This supercontinent was made up of all the continents on Earth. Over time, these continents have broken apart, and slowly drifted away from one another. This drift continues today, so that the form the Earth takes today is not by any means the final shape of our Earth.