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In this website, we examine both geology and geography. The word “geo” means Earth. Thus, both geography and geology involve the study of our Earth. But these two sciences are different in very important ways. Geographers study the Earth as it appears today. They look at not just rocks, but also the atmosphere, the oceans, weather, and yes, even life. Geographers try to understand as much as possible about what makes the Earth what it is today.

Geologists have a different goal. Their studies involve understanding the lithosphere. The lithosphere is the solid portion of the Earth, the part that all of us stand on each day. The part that our schools, stores and homes are built upon.

The Earth's Lithosphere

Geologists examine the characteristics of the lithosphere and try to understand the processes that formed it, and that continue to shape it today.

In this section of, where you see green pages, we will be studying geology. If you would like to learn more about geography, click on the ‘Geography’ link above. The geography portion of has purple pages.