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Weather and Climate

How Is The Weather?

Weather is the combined short-term conditions found in the lower atmosphere. These conditions include precipitation, or rain and snow, as well as wind, pressure, storminess, cloudiness, and various other atmospheric conditions. What will the weather be like in exactly 37 days? Will it be rainy or sunny? Cold or warm? It is impossible to know. Weather patterns are erratic and very difficult to project. Weather is an ever changing short-term, localized phenomena.

Weatehr And Climate




Climate, on the other hand, refers to long-term atmospheric conditions. The climate of an area is determined by the average weather patterns taken over a long period of time. It includes the extreme highs and lows, and the common weather that an area sees day in and day out. Understanding the climate of an area helps us know what type of weather we can expect. We may not know specifically what the weather will bring in 37 days, but understanding the climate allows us to make educated guesses. If we live in a rain forest, it is likely that the weather will bring rain in 37 days. If we live in a desert, there is a high probability that 37 days from today will bring heat and sun.

Weather refers to the short-term atmospheric conditions that we see at any one moment, while climate refers to the average conditions found in the atmosphere over a long period of time.