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Geographers Versus Biologists

Biologist Versus Geographer

Biology is the study of life. To learn more about biology, you can visit KidsBiology.com. Biologists are scientists who study lifeforms in all their varieties, and who do their best to use their knowledge about these lifeforms to both protect life on Earth, as well as help mankind.

Biologists study the complex systems within each lifeform. For example, consider a beetle. A biologist is looking to understand how the beetle’s body works. What makes its legs move back and forth, how does it digest its food, how does it fly, and so forth.

A geographer is not concerned so much with how the beetle’s body works, but rather with how the beetle affects the landscape of Earth as well as how the beetle and all of its fellow beetles are distributed around the Earth, and so forth.

Thus, biologists study the lifeform itself and how it works, while geographers look at how the same lifeform affects the Earth, other lifeforms, and how they are distributed throughout the biosphere.