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Factors Affecting Atmospheric Temperature

The amount of energy absorbed by the Earth from the Sun, and the amount of energy radiated into space by the Earth is on average perfectly balanced on an annual or yearly basis. However, as previously discussed, some locations are warmer or cooler than others. This is the principal cause of weather.

As the gases in Earth’s atmosphere heat up, they begin to expand, or spread out. As this happens, air begins to rush outward towards places where there is less pressure. In other words, towards places where the air is cooler.

What do you suppose rushing air feels like? Have you ever experienced rushing air? If you guessed that this is the what causes wind, then you are absolutely correct.

Weather And Heat

This wind affects storminess, precipitation, and many other aspects of the Earth’s weather. Thus, the unequal heating of the surface of the Earth is the principal cause of weather. There are a number of factors that cause this unequal heating of Earth’s atmosphere.