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Atmospheric Disturbances

Disturbances in the Atmosphere – Storms

How is the weather where you are? Is it clear and sunny? Perhaps it is cloudy. Or is today a stormy day where you live? How can we tell if it is a stormy day? What conditions or clues can we look for? What is a storm?


A storm is a temporary disturbance in the atmosphere. Storms are transient, meaning that they generally do not stay in one location for very long. They move with the flow of air that we studied in chapter five.

Because storms are temporary, they do not last very long, generally dying out after just a few days or weeks. During their short lives, these storms can have a dramatic effect on the atmosphere, creating tremendous excitement. A storm can bring powerful winds, precipitation, and thunder and lightning.

In this chapter we will study storms, how they form, how they interact with the atmosphere and landscape, and how the die.